Casinos Not With Gamstop

People are always looking for a new and interesting type of entertainment. Gamble games are one of the amazing options, which are now offered on the Internet. It’s hard to find land-based gamers’ clubs because such business is illegal in many countries. Casinos available on the network are a perfect way out. Besides, they provide many other benefits to punters. Players from the UK often face problems connected with Gamstop (GStop). In this article, plungers will know more about this system, its benefits, and negative sides, gambling sites not on Gamstop, and many other interesting things.

All you need to know about Gamstop

Everyone wants to feel safe – at home, at work, and even on the Internet. The situation with online punters’ clubs has not always been stable. Even today, there’re so many platforms, which use fraudulent schemes to obtain users’ personal data or money.

Various countries try to fight such a situation by creating laws and other measures to protect punters. However, there’re very few cases when people can really solve their problems on a governmental level. If we speak about problem gambling, there’re separate measures used by the definite gambling clubs. They support responsible gambling but absolute protection isn’t achieved.

The UK went much further. The authorities created a special scheme, which should obligatorily be used by all the gamers’ clubs registered on the territory of the state. The program is known as Gamstop. Its key aims are to protect punters and to get full control over gambling houses.

Thus, if a punter has any problems connected with gambling (for example, can’t stop playing, spend too much money/too much time on gambling, etc.), he or she has an opportunity to ask for a temporary blockage. As a result, a punter will be blocked not just at the casino he/she played but at all the other gambling clubs registered on GStop. Thus, there will be no chances to continue the pernicious hobby and lose cash.

Registration in a Gamstop scheme

Being a serious tool, which helps people, GStop requires correct registration. To do everything correctly, it’s necessary to provide the following information about a plunger:

  • A full name
  • Date of birth
  • A number of a mobile phone
  • An email address (it’s advisable to give all the addresses owned in order to exclude any chances to register at a punters’ club using one of them)
  • A real address (additional addresses might also be added).

It’s essential to give only true and correct information. Besides, a punter should make a request personally because such an action should be his or her own decision.

A positive thing is that there’s no necessity to pay for participation in the scheme.

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The period of blockage and possibility of cancellation

When a plunger decides to guard himself/herself from gamble games to feel safe and fight the harmless addiction, there’re several periods to choose from depending on the needs:

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 5 years.

It’s important to make sure that you are really ready to make a decision and join a program. There’s no way back and, as a result, a punter will be blocked while access to any UK gambling clubs will become impossible. Some people make rash decisions and then regret them.

There’s still a tiny chance to cancel self-exclusion. It’s required to write to the administration of the program and give a sensible reason for your claim. However, even in this case it rarely works. All a punter can do is to wait for a selected period to come to an end and then ask for removal. A plunger’s name can’t be fully removed from the list earlier than five years after joining the program. What’s more, the process of removal isn’t automatic. It’s required to send a written request with the sensible reasons for the removal. After this, a punter is to pass through hearings before the Gaming Control Board. Even if they decide that a plunger can be removed, there’re still certain punters’ clubs, which have the right to continue blocking access.

If a period selected is less than 5 years, it’s also possible to ask for removal by addressing their contact center. They’ll consider the request within 24 hours. No payments are required to be removed.

Pros and cons of Gamstop

GStop initiative is a positive and negative thing at the same time. For many plungers, it is very helpful and allows forgetting about terrible additions, which sometimes make gamblers forget about their work, relatives, and friends. There’re even cases when such activity leads to depression. Thus, GStop is a perfect way out. Consider the most prominent advantages of the initiative:

  • A great level of security for user’s money and sensitive data
  • An opportunity to control gambling activity
  • The control of all casinos by the UK authorities
  • A great possibility to fight an addition connected with gambling
  • Access to only reliable and approved punters’ clubs (registered on the territory of the UK).

Many people are afraid of the consequences of the registration of GStop. One of the frequent questions concerns loans. Remember that the registration on GStop has no influence on the credit rating. The only thing is that GStop runs a credit check for identification aims. Such actions aren’t visible to lenders.

Along with positive moments, there’re also many disadvantages connected with GStop, which make plenty of plungers look for alternative opportunities to play their favorite games. The drawbacks are as follows:

  • You can’t cancel the registration in the scheme (even if a plunger made a rash decision, it’s impossible to deactivate the participation)
  • There’re many limitations for punters’ clubs, which are a part of GStop (firstly, the number of games is poor because top providers are not eager to cooperate with such gambling platforms. Secondly, many features adored by plungers are not supported by such casinos due to the GStop limits. And thirdly, punters will never find generous rewards they can obtain at other sites not on Gamstop)
  • No feeling of freedom (being absolutely controlled, punters can’t feel the same atmosphere and experience the same excitement)
  • GStop affects any kind of gamble games on the territory of the UK (including sports betting, which many users don’t consider to be addictive)
  • The necessity to provide all the information (punters have to give them their real address, phone number, even the information about their banking operation can be required).

All of the above make the UK punters search for casinos not on Gamstop.

What Are Gambling Sites Not On Gamstop?

Not all gamers’ clubs are obliged to become a part of the program. However, it concerns only those platforms, which are licensed outside the UK. They’re not under the UK jurisdiction and can feel free to offer and provide gambling services to plungers. Moreover, it doesn’t matter where those punters live. Such gambling sites not on Gamstop have the right to propose their options to almost all the countries all over the globe (there still can be certain exceptions, which are described on the website of every casino).

GStop-free platforms offer more freedom of choice and much more features to plungers. If they are officially licensed, every gambler can feel safe playing his/her favorite games.

How to find non-Gamstop resources?

Everyone in the modern world is looking for fairness and honesty in every sphere of life. Entertainment isn’t an exception. Thus, finding a reliable resource, which isn’t registered on GStop, can be hard (especially for those who have just started their way in the world of gambling). To make it easier for plungers, we want to present several recommendations, which will allow you to choose a trustworthy resource without any problems and doubts:

  1. Make certain a resource is officially certified. There’re several licenses, which are proved to be reliable.
  2. Consider the games proposed (and other options a plunger can be interested in). Various resources can offer different games. Those who don’t limit themselves to a certain variation of games should search for platforms offering a diversity of gamble games (the majority of non-Gamstop betting sites do this to attract a wider audience). Look for the top providers or your favorite games before choosing a casino not using Gamestop (if you have ones). If a punter is one of the sports-lovers, it’s advisable to pay attention to an opportunity to bet on sports (look at the types accessible as well).
  3. Pay attention to banking options. Money is an important thing for everyone, especially for those who are interested in gambling games. Methods, which are proposed for payments and cashouts vary depending on a definite gamers’ club. For punters from the UK, the most comfortable ones are usually bankcards. Electronic wallets are also often used due to their advantages, such as fast transactions, no necessity to provide lots of personal data, and security. It’s recommended to make sure the online casino selected proposes comfortable payment options.
  4. Look at the prizes proposed. Various gambling clubs offer deposit and no deposit extras, which can bring additional winnings, provide free play, give additional credits or spins, etc. The amount and types of rewards are different, so make certain you really like them. Don’t forget to take benefit from all the awards to make the experience more pleasant and productive.

These are key things to observe when choosing a betting site not on Gamstop. In addition, it’s recommended to know the opinions of other players because independent reviews can tell all the truth hidden under an attractive cover of an online casino not on Gamstop.

Different Types of Non-Gamstop Sites

There’s a wide classification for non-GStop platforms. It divides gambling clubs into several categories:

  • Brand new
  • Mobile-ready
  • Live dealer
  • No deposit.

We have already told about new punters’ clubs and their benefits for gamers. As for other categories, it’s possible to find casinos offering one of the enumerated features. However, every plunger would like to have more. That’s why we recommend searching for gamers’ houses with all the benefits including mobile version or app (to have access wherever you are), live casino options (to feel the atmosphere of the land-based gambling club), and pleasant no deposit rewards (which allow playing for free or increasing prizes).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sites Not On Gamstop

To make sure that GStop-free online gamers’ clubs are worth attention, let’s observe the most prominent advantages of such resources:

  • Easy and fast verification. There’s no need to provide too much information and worry it will be visible to any legal structures. All a plunger needs to do is to ensure age and identity. Thus, it’s required to provide personal documents copies proving this information. There’re even cases when they aren’t demanded but such resources usually have limited options.
  • Bigger limits. Compared to GStop resources, those platforms, which aren’t obliged to join the initiative, can boast of higher limits for withdrawals. That’s why those players, who are searching for greater prizes and opportunities to earn cash, will greatly appreciate such an advantage of the best casinos not on Gamstop.
  • Amazing collection of gamble games. Every plunger wants to have access to a wide variety of high-quality games. While UK-based resources can’t provide gamed by top developers due to certain limitations, GStop-free platforms are full of the most popular and worthwhile games. The UK punters will adore their Netent, Microgaming, Playtech, and other exciting games.
  • Nobody wants to be fully controlled as it happens with the UK-based platforms. Non-GStop resources support freedom because they have their own rules and very loyal regulations for the comfort of plungers. As a result, they are able to propose perfect gambling services to satisfy the needs of every punter. However, it’s better to observe the rules every time you choose a new casino.
  • Wonderful prizes. Compared to GStop platforms, independent casino sites not on Gamstop offer an impressive variety of extras for registration, deposits, certain payment options use, and other actions depending on a promotional program. Such rewards can not just make winnings larger but also give a chance to play for free without any risks.
  • Exciting features. While UK casinos have many limitations in what concerns features, players want to be able to enjoy all the novelties developed by various game providers. Playing at online casinos without Gamstop, they have such an opportunity.

As for disadvantages, we can just mention the absence of too strict control from the authorities. Besides, if a person has serious problems with gambling, he/she can bypass the blockage.